BDA has worked with clients in numerous industries, using analytics and data science to solve problems and improve outcomes.

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British Pound Coins


We've Implemented master data management to integrate data from hundreds of databases, and employ business intelligence solutions to provide visibility across facilities to improve outcomes and reduce costs.

Financial Services

Employ AI solutions in your website and apps to provide customers solutions before they ever reach a customer service rep, identify fraud in near real-time, and secure your systems against hackers.

Software Development

Design better applications and tools by using data to understand your users. Integrate artificial intelligence tools directly into your applications to provide better recommendations, detect fraud, and improve customer experience.

Power Pole Repair
Law Firm


Secure your vital intellectual property by deploying AI powered solutions to prevent data lose and secure your trademarks in the marketplace.


We have helped clients evaluate and implement technology to meet technology competency ethical obligations, and given managing partners greater visibility into their operations and finances.


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